Ebola survivors are really, really struggling

Ebola survivors are really, really struggling

Even after beating Ebola, survivors have a long, hard road ahead.

A new study examining those who survived being infected with the Ebola virus in West Africa has found that they are still struggling with some unpleasant health effects.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases revealed this week that survivors were still experiencing symptoms even after beating the disease, enduring eye, musculoskeletor, and neurological complications as a consequence of having had the disease, according to a Reuters report.

Another surprise in the study was the fact that about 13 percent of the people who researchers thought didn’t have Ebola actually showed signs of having been infected with it, but the immune system had fought it off, indicating that Ebola may show itself in a milder infection sometimes.

A total of 29,000 people in West Africa came down with the deadly disease in an outbreak that lasted a year and a half and began in 2014. It had a huge fatality rate, with 11,300 of those people dying. Still, that means about 17,000 people survived the disease and must now deal with the after-effects of it, and it presents a new challenge to authorities: how to care for Ebola survivors.

About 10 percent of Ebola survivors had uveitus, which is an eye disorder that can result in blindness, especially if medical professionals don’t follow up with Ebola survivors.

Also, a lot of men who had Ebola were shown to have the virus present in their semen, sometimes more than a year after having symptoms, which means they could be getting rid of the virus only intermittently.

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