HP stuns tech world: A smartphone that can replace your laptop computer?

HP stuns tech world: A smartphone that can replace your laptop computer?

HP wants you to turn your smartphone into your work computer.

HP is trying to mix it up big time in the mobile phone world — and they’re trying to make your next smartphone your next desktop or laptop computer.

A new phone from HP called the Elite X3 could be used as either a desktop or laptop when paired with certain accessories, according to a TIME report.

The HP Elite x3 will be powered by Windows 10 and will launch this summer, with the target customer being business consumers who would be interested in using it as their only work device, eliminating the need for cumbersome desktop or laptops.

Basically, the HP x3 would have Continuum, which is a feature that enables a desktop-like experience with a keyboard and mouse using a special dock. Or, you can turn the smartphone itself into a laptop-type device with the “Mobile Extender,” giving it a 12.5-inch screen that is attached to a keyboard. All of the computing would come from the phone.

The downsides are that you would still need to carry around the laptop shell and other accessories. Also Continuum is still early in its development, and therefore there are only a small amount of apps that currently work for it.

Fortunately, the x3 appears to have the battery life that will be necessary to make it a viable laptop replacement. It has a 4,150 mAH battery — the iPhone 6s Plus has a 2,750 mAh battery by comparison.

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