Miracle: Infant going into cardiac arrest saved by last-minute heart transplant [VIDEO]

Miracle: Infant going into cardiac arrest saved by last-minute heart transplant [VIDEO]

It's one of the most astonishing miracles perhaps of this century.

A baby boy in Alaska was saved by a heart transplant just moments after he went into cardiac arrest in one of the most amazing and miraculous incidents the medical community has seen for a while.

Lincoln Seay was just seven months old at the time. He had a rare birth defect that caused his organs to be located on the opposite side of the body, according to a Fox 29 report.

Mindy Seay, the mother of Lincoln who was born on July 14 last year, said that doctors believed he would possibly not even survive the birth, and the parents were absolutely ecstatic when he looked well upon entering the world, according to the report.

But things took a turn for the worst after Lincoln was born. He had to undergo multiple surgeries, and many wondered if he had any chance of surviving. His heart was starting to go, and people began to lose hope. So they figured it was worth take one last chance: they flew him to Seattle Children’s Hospital to get a heart transplant — a long shot.

Lincoln’s father Rob Seay said they prayed for a miracle, and — lo and behold — that’s exactly what they got. As he was going into surgery, he went into cardiac arrest, but he got the heart transplant he needed and has survived an ordeal that most people don’t go through until they reach the later stages of their lives.

It was a dramatic tale of last minute medical heroics. He went into cardiac arrest and, since the doctors knew the heart was on its way, they opened his chest and the surgeon compressed his heart while they waited for the new heart to arrive. It had been five months since Lincoln was first placed on the list for a new heart, and it arrived in the nick of time.

It’s a tale that the Seays hope will encourage other people to place themselves on the organ donor list, knowing how it changed their own lives for the better.

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