Shocking recordings reveal lies told by former L.A. County Sheriff to the feds

Shocking recordings reveal lies told by former L.A. County Sheriff to the feds

Disgraced former sheriff Lee Baca could face jail.

Lee Baca, a former sheriff of Los Angeles County, lied several times to federal prosecutors, recordings show.

Baca’s department was accused of obstructing Federal Bureau of Investigation agents who were investigating charges of corruption and brutality in Los Angeles County jails, according to a Los Angeles Times report.

But when prosecutors asked him if he knew in advance that two of his deputies were planning on confronting the FBI agent in charge of the investigation at her home, Baca lied in saying that he didn’t know the “particulars.”

Prosecutors say Baca told three lies to the feds when they interviewed him for four hours back in 2013. The Times obtained a recording of the interview, during which Baca attempted to deflect blame by claiming he didn’t know what his underlings were doing and had no idea they were trying to obstruct the investigation.

But Baca struck a deal this week with prosecutors that involved admitted lying about what he knew.

Baca apparently ordered the deputies to go to the agent’s home and interview her, instructing them only not to put handcuffs on her, the FBI says.

Baca now faces up to six months in prison under the terms of the new deal.

Baca claimed he was willing to work with the FBI on the investigation, but admitted he was angry that the feds were investigating his jails. The sheriff’s department figured out the FBI was investigating them in 2011, discovering that they had smuggled a cell phone to an inmate to act as an informant.

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