Huge scandal in Sweden: Superstar doctor fired

Huge scandal in Sweden: Superstar doctor fired

Paolo Macchiarini had conducted the first windpipe transplant using the patient's own stem cells.

Italian stem cell scientist Paolo Macchiarini has been fired from a Swedish institute over a massive scandal having to do with medical ethics.

Sweden’s Karolinska University announced the firing in a statement indicating that Macchiarini had falsified his CV and was scientifically negligent, according to a Karolinska University statement.

Macchiarini had acted in a way that had very negative consequences for a number of people, the university said.

Macchiarini had been hailed before for conducting the world’s first transplant using a windpipe made partially from the stem cells of the patient back in 2008. But a Swedish documentary raised some ethical concerns about his work that prompted the university to investigate.

The full statement is below:

The Staff Disciplinary Board at KI has today decided to relieve Paolo Macchiarini of his duties as a researcher at KI. He is to be informed immediately that his contract has been rescinded.

Paolo Macchiarini has engaged in conduct and research that is incompatible with a position of employment at KI. His dismissal is based on numerous reasons, including:

PM’s activities at Kuban State Medical University in Krasnodar are in breach of KI’s fundamental values and have damaged KI’s reputation.

PM failed to truthfully and fully report his extra-occupational activities.

PM supplied false or misleading information in the CV he submitted to KI.

Paolo Macchiarini demonstrated scientific negligence, according to KI’s investigation in 2015.

“It’s impossible for KI to have any kind of collaboration with Paolo Macchiarini any longer,” says HR manager Mats Engelbrektson. “He has acted in a way that has had very tragic consequences for the people affected and their families. His conduct has seriously damaged confidence in KI and for research in general.“

KI has no further comment.

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