Sorry, everyone: That Nintendo NX controller is a big, fat phony

Sorry, everyone: That Nintendo NX controller is a big, fat phony

The 'leaked' image is above, and it's just a big hoax by a redditor.

Bad news for everyone who got excited about Nintendo creating an “NX” console: that leaked picture that’s been circulating on social media of a supposed controller is a total fake.

Redditor Idriss2Dev admitted that the “leak” was just a hoax, and even released a video on how he did it, according to various reports.

But it is true that Nintendo plans to unveil a new console, which it is likely to unveil at E3 in June. It’s just not this one.

Idriss2Dev, gave some bogus details on the new controller in his post on Reddit, titled “Codename (NX).”

I am registered under the pseudonym only on reddit, I do not have access to more information at the moment because I am not working on this project (nx? Or other name) too much noise about this photo is that the atmosphere in my company became tense …
just a few small details:
The “hidden” area on the photo was just a “document” confidential
The team working on project is on does not give me more details
The first photo was given to me
Maybe in a few days I will have the opportunity to learn more or better to have better pictures, I will not hesitate to come back to you if that’s the case I promise.

Many users bit on it, and the picture quickly got shared on social media.

Some users were immediately skeptical, however.

“It looks too ugly and unconfortable even for the crazy Nintendo of recent years. If its real Nintendo has finally lost it,” said user Baldulf.

Added another user, kawlundram: “What’s with the MS Paint box on the side? Why the date in Segoe font? What’s the wire connected to? Why is the wire so fat? What’s on screen? Why is only the B button present? Why is there electrical tape on the controller? If it’s to cover up the logo, then why did Ninty put a logo on a dev kit? Who wrote the post-it note? Who had the time to write the post-it without getting caught? If you had the time to write the note and take an image, why did you take such a crappy image? What’s on screen? Why does the screen not look like any other LCD/LED screen taken with a camera?”

And SuperNeonManGuy replied: “it looks to be very fake, the lighting behind the screen is non-uniform indicating that it’s basically just an LED box with an image glued to the front, this is supported by the fact that the screen appears to have no glass (which they wouldn’t do and sharp’s freeform display tech doesn’t even allow for)”

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