Tinder just made a huge new change you won’t believe

Tinder just made a huge new change you won’t believe

A new feature lets you play matchmaker for your friends on the popular dating app.

Tinder is letting you play cupid with your friends in a new feature.

The mobile dating app unveiled the huge new game-changing feature on Friday, allowing members to share profiles of potential matches with friends. Now, you can use the “share’ button to send the link to the profile to a friend. After receiving the link, the friend has 72 hours or five clicks to decide whether or not to follow your suggestion.

It’s more than just a fun new feature — it’s also part of a larger effort by Tinder to kick its reputation as an app that promotes hookup culture, a common criticism of the company, according to a CNET report. Some call the app a revolution in dating, while others see it as bad for normal human relationships.

The new feature has some support from the scientific community. Duke University and Harvard Business School collaborated in 2014 for a study on playing matchmaker, and found that it increases the general happiness of the population. Rosetta Pambakian, who is a Tinder vice president, said that this was one of the most popular requests from users, which drove the company’s decision to add the feature, according to the report.

“We are testing the ability to play matchmaker on Tinder,” reads a statement on Tinder’s website. “While swiping through potential matches, a small group of users may see the option to share a profile they come across. Tapping the ‘share’ icon will allow you to send a temporary link via text to a friend, and give them the ability to swipe on the profile you shared. The link will expire after five clicks or 72 hours – whichever comes first. Users can choose to opt out of having a sharable profile by visiting Discovery Settings.”

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