Are we about to go back to the Moon?

Are we about to go back to the Moon?

We might be headed back to the moon for the first time in decades.

There’s a distinct possibility of a future space base — and it could come from a very surprising source: the moon.

Scientists are considering the possibility of mining water ice from asteroids and the lunar poles to provide fuel for probes, and possibly for future space travel.

The challenge is how to make the most of resources on the moon if scientists are thinking about setting up a base there, and scientists think they have an answer.

Instead of relying on resources here on Earth, the idea is to make use of resources on the moon itself.

The moon has become a big focus for scientists looking to land on other important parts of our solar system, particularly Mars. Its close proximity to our planet makes it the perfect place to create a base of operations.

“There will be a round dome inside, from which we could see that the blue earth is running in the universe with a great view of the midnight sun,” Bernard H. Foing, executive director of International Lunar Exploration Working Group, said in a statement describing a potential lunar base. “The material for the wall can maintain the temperature inside and prevent oxygen leakage. Every worker will be equipped with an isolation mask and a spacesuit to protect them from cosmic rays.”

He added: “While later, we will sent about 20 to 40, or even more ordinary people to be involved in it and extract zinc from the ores for raw material of the fuel supplied to the aircraft.”

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