Customers furious as Google Fiber makes a huge change

Customers furious as Google Fiber makes a huge change

Google has made a big change for Google Fiber.

Google Fiber started in Kansas City, but one of its most popular options there may be disappearing.

Google Fiber has offered $70 gigabit internet access, but you can get free 5 Mbps service if you pay the construction fee — but unfortunately, Google is getting rid of that in Kansas City and replacing it with 100 Mbps for $50 per month, according to media reports.

If you’re using the free option right now, you have until May 19, and then you will have to start paying for it.

The reason for the change may have to do with simple economics for a lot of lower income users. Google had charged $300 for installation for its free plan, which would be difficult to afford for lower income households. It’s also unattractive for people who may be thinking about moving soon.

The $50 per month option does away with the installation fee, which could help lower income homes opt in when they otherwise would not be able to do so.

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