Incredible record: Man runs 26 miles in space

Incredible record: Man runs 26 miles in space

British astronaut Tim Peake just ran a marathon on the International Space Station.

Astronaut Tim Peake has just done something amazing: he’s run a marathon in space.

Peake completed the London Marathon, which took place Sunday, in 3 hours, 35 minutes and 21 seconds, and he did it many miles from London on the International Space Station, according to various news reports and a statement from the European Space Agency.

That time was good enough to set the record for a marathon in space, according to Guinness. The British astronaut had actually completed the London Marathon on solid ground back in 1999.

He was one of 39,000 runners to participate in this year’s London marathon, but obviously the only one to do it in space. Peake was strapped into a harness and tethered to a treadmill for the duration of the run.

Peake has been on the ISS for four months so far, with a couple months left to go. He watched TV coverage of the race throughout his 26.2-mile run, and even used a special iPad app to simulate the marathon route in London.

He reached a speed of 9 miles per hour about 20 miles into the race after starting at 7.5 miles per hour, according to reports.

“The thing I’m most looking forward to is that I can still interact with everybody down on Earth,” Peake said in the statement from December announcing his plans to run. “I’ll be running it with the iPad and watching myself running through the streets of London whilst orbiting the Earth at 400km.”

He added: “I have to wear a harness system that’s a bit similar to a rucksack. It has a waistbelt and shoulder straps. That has to provide quite a bit of downforce to get my body onto the treadmill so after about 40 minutes, that gets very uncomfortable. I don’t think I’ll be setting any personal bests. I’ve set myself a goal of anywhere between 3:30 to 4 hours.”

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