Cell phones and cancer — the stunning truth

Cell phones and cancer — the stunning truth

A worrying new report on cell phones and cancer doesn't mean why you think it means.

The link between cell phones and cancer has long been hypothesized, but a new study sheds some fascinating light on the issue — and some people may be reading it wrong.

The National Toxicology Program performed the $25 million study and found that there was an increase in brain tumors among male rats exposed to similar radiation to what we get from cell phones, according to the study.

Sounds like a foolproof link between the two, right? Not so fast: there’s no indication that there’s a causal relationship between the two based on this study, although it does indicate we should be cautious.

In fact, just 2 to 3 percent of male rats exposed to a lot of this type of radiation ended up with cancerous tumor formations in their brains and hearts, and that’s with exposure of nine hours per day for seven days per week over two years. Most of us probably don’t use a cell phone that much, and even in that case a very small percentage of rats came down with cancerous tumors.

However, it is an indication that there may be some cause for concern, and we should be careful about our cell phone use. At the very least, it’s a subject worthy of more study.d products.

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