Explosion in Virtual Reality stuns tech industry

Explosion in Virtual Reality stuns tech industry

More than a million people have used Samsung's Gear VR headset in just six months.

Think that virtual reality is just a fad? Think again — over 1 million people used the technology last month.

Facebook-owned Oculus, creator of the Oculus Rift, announced that more than a million people used Samsung’s Gear VR headset in the month of April. Oculus provides the software for the Samsung Gear VR.

In addition, developers created more than 250 apps for the Gear VR, accoding to an Oculus blog post.

It shows that VR platforms are expanding at a rapid pace, creating opportunities for developers. One million isn’t a lot in broad terms, but it’s only been six months since the Gear VR launched, and the technology appears to be gaining momentum even in a market where most people are cautious about the new technology.

Vendors will ship more than 6 million virtual reality headsets in 2016 around the world, according to various news reports, and the number of headsets could grow to nearly 100 million units by 2020, making it a market worth many billions of dollars — which explains why the big dogs like Google and Facebook are putting so much skin in the game.

“In addition to the exciting range of games available, VR video continues to be one of the most popular experiences on Gear VR,” the company said in the statement. “Seven of the top 10 most used apps are videos and, on any given day, nearly 80% of people who use Gear VR watch video content.

“With more intuitive content navigation, new ways to explore your photo memories, and exciting new content being developed every day, the VR ecosystem has never been more promising!” the statement continued. “We can’t wait to bring mobile VR to the next million.”

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