Incredible: Apple Watch controls a car [VIDEO]

Incredible: Apple Watch controls a car [VIDEO]

A new app is allowing Bentley Bentayga owners to control their car remotely.

A new app is allowing owners of the Bentley Bentayga SUV to remotely control a number of systems in the car with their Apple Watch.

Now passengers will be able to adjust climate and entertainment systems, even if they’re in the backseat far from the controls, according to a Bentley statement.

Users can adjust the heat, ventilation, and massage functions of the seat wthrough the app. It also allows users to monitor the speed, distance traveled, and what the temperature is outside using a Bluetooth connection.

In order to get this functionality, the Apple Watch will need to be synchronized with the Touch Screen Remote system in the SUV.

The Bentayga is Bentley’s luxurious SUV offering. It’s got some pretty expensive bells and whistles, including a $32,000 aluminum and leather picnic basket that can be fitted into the car. The SUV starts at $230,000, without any of the options.

“The Bentayga is technologically advanced and combines this with luxury in a way only Bentley can achieve,” Dan Whittaker, Director of Electrical and Electronics at Bentley, said in the statement. “This new Apple Watch connectivity is another example of how we are constantly innovating in order to enhance the customer experience.”

The statement adds: “The technology, which uses bespoke digital architecture, enables those being driven in the Bentayga to remotely control the on-board climate and entertainment systems; adjust the heating, ventilation and massage functions of their seats; and monitor real-time information, such as vehicle speed, distance travelled and outside temperature.”

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