Top secret meeting held to create synthetic human

Top secret meeting held to create synthetic human

A scientist is sounding the alarm about an attempt to synthesize the human genome.

An alarming report indicates that experts and government officials gathered at Harvard University for a top secret meeting on designing a synthetic human recently.

Stanford scientist Drew Endy ripped the meeting in an essay for Cosmos magazine, saying that the public should be aware of such discussions.

Scientists were discussing how to create a synthetic human genome, which would essentially allow them to assemble a human being like a kit, which raises numerous ethical questions. Endy and Northwest University bioethicist Laurie Zoloth wrote the essay to bring attention to the meeting of 130 scientists, lawyers, government officials, and entrepreneurs, who met to determine how they could synthesize a complete human genome within 10 years.

Synthesizing a human being has become a lot more feasible in recent years. The human genome is 3 billion bases long, and at one point it cost $4 per base to assemble a gene. Now, it’s just 3 cents per base, and if the cost keeps dropping at its current rate, it’ll cost just $100,000 to assemble an entire human genome in the next 20 years.


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