The shocking controversy surrounding Bitcoin

The shocking controversy surrounding Bitcoin

The mystery behind Bitcoin's true founder has exploded recently.

Bitcoin advocates are hotly debating whether the man who came forward claiming to have created the currency is genuine.

Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright recently claimed to be the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of the digital currency bitcoin, according to a report.

However, Wright wrote in a blog post recently that he didn’t “have the courage” to put out additional proof that he was indeed the creator, prompting new claims that he was a hoaxter, especially after promising earlier in the week that he would provide documentation to prove it was him.

Journalists and online users have long searched for the true identity of Nakamoto, who created bitcoin and set off a worldwide phenomenon for those looking for an alternative to government-established currencies. Nakamoto suddenly disappeared from online forums in late 2010. Wright’s sudden appearance and claims to be Nakamoto got the Internet world talking, but many have dismissed his claims, saying there is no evidence he is genuine.

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