This one simple trick will slash your risk of breast cancer

This one simple trick will slash your risk of breast cancer

A new study gives hope to women with a high chance of coming down with breast cancer.

Want to lower your breast cancer risk? Fortunately, scientists have discovered a pretty simple way to do it.

A new study indicates that something as simple as healthy lifestyle choices may drive down breast cancer risk in women who have a high probability of developing the disease, according to a Johns Hopkins statement.

The study indicates that up to 30 percent of breast cancer cases can be avoided by keeping alcohol consumption in moderation, not being overweight, and not getting hormone replacement therapy.

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in western countries, with 246,000 new cases of breast cancer expected in 2016 in the United States, and an estimated 40,000 women likely to die from it.

A healthy lifestyle is the answer to preventing a lot of diseases and conditions, and it appears breast cancer is no exception. Doctors recommend watching what you eat, getting regular exercise, and eschewing cigarettes and alcohol.

“The findings could be particularly useful as the price of genetic testing continues to fall and more women are able to afford the tests, which typically are not covered by insurance,” the statement reads. “They may also help scientists develop better guidelines for when and how frequently women should be screened for breast cancer, a calculation that is currently based on age, but that could be based on individual risk factors for each individual woman.

“People think that their genetic risk for developing cancer is set in stone,” says the study’s senior author Nilanjan Chatterjee, Ph.D., a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor in the Department of Biostatistics at the Bloomberg School. “While you can’t change your genes, this study tells us even people who are at high genetic risk can change their health outlook by making better lifestyle choices such as eating right, exercising and quitting smoking.”

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