Abortions could get slashed because of this huge new development

Abortions could get slashed because of this huge new development

Scientists are hailing the progression of certain sites and apps with being a huge boon to women.

A new report indicates that women are totally changing the way they get birth control.

Public health experts are noticing that more women are getting their contraception through various new applications and websites, and they are hailing this as a big step forward in cutting down on unwanted pregnancies and abortions, according to a New York Times report.

Nonprofits and private companies like Planned Parenthood are now able to hand out prescriptions after a brief conversation about health history with the patient, enabling women to more easily get birth control pills, rings and morning-after pills. Then, the contraceptives simply arrive at the patient’s door.

Women’s health advocates have long fought for better access to contraceptives but have often met with obstacles, including pharmacies that refuse to dispense them on religious grounds. Since no legislative approval is required for these apps and websites, it could provide a new convenient method for women to get the medication they need, which could reduce the need for abortions dramatically.

For example, there is an app called Nurx that bills itself the “fastest way of getting oral contraceptives and PrEP.”

“Pick from our range of every day medications from contraceptives, to travel meds and refills. Then answer a few questions for our doctors,” Nurx says on its website. “One of our doctors will review your request right away. If she needs more information or has relevant advice, she may call you before writing your prescription.¬†Our team of pharmacists will get your medications ready as soon as possible. Then we’ll rush them to your door with one of our bike couriers.”

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