Snapchat has just unveiled a massive redesign

Snapchat has just unveiled a massive redesign

Snapchat is looking to boost its readership and therefore its revenues big time.

Snapchat is looking to grab a bunch more eyeballs for advertisers, and as a result they’re overhauling the design of their site — big time.

Snapchat is combining the best of social networks, magazines, and television into one app aimed at filling the entertainment needs of users in one place, according to a TechCrunch report.

Using the Discover and Stories channels, you’ll be able to see image and headline previews of content instead of just logos for particular publishers. The app is going for a grid of tiles similar to what you might see on Pinterest, for example.

The new redesign also allows you to tap and hold your favorite Discover channels to subscribe to them, causing them to appear in Recent Stories, which you can later adjust.

Snapchat is hoping that this redesign will make the app more attractive for publishers, getting users to click through to stories more often.

“Snapchat Stories celebrate the power of different perspectives. It’s a totally unique way to experience what’s happening all over the world through the eyes of our community,” Snapchat in a recent statement. “Sometimes what’s happening goes beyond the Snaps we’ve curated into a Story. Today, we’re introducing Story Explorer. Story Explorer relies on technology developed by our research team to provide more depth to every Snap in a Story. When you see a moment that inspires or excites you, simply swipe up to see more Snaps of that same moment – from every perspective.”

“Snapchat Discover is a new way to explore Stories from different editorial teams,” the company said in another statement. “It’s the result of collaboration with world-class leaders in media to build a storytelling format that puts the narrative first. This is not social media. Social media companies tell us what to read based on what’s most recent or most popular. We see it differently. We count on editors and artists, not clicks and shares, to determine what’s important.”

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