Microsoft has huge news about Skype

Microsoft has huge news about Skype

Just what does Microsoft have up its sleeve with Skype and Linux? We'll find out in a matter of days.

Microsoft is getting set to make a huge announcement about Skype this week, and they’re encouraging everyone to tune in.

The Skype blog has a cryptic post titled, “Exciting news for Linux users” that has no content and simply urges people to tune into the Skype Community Q&A on July 13 at 10 a.m. EST.

It’s an interesting announcement because many users are quite disappointed with how Skype functions on Linux, and the last update for that platform was put out in June 2014, more than two years ago, according to a Neowin report. That makes the announcement all the more surprising considering that the Linux client seems like an afterthought for Microsoft.

People are taking some guesses on what will be unveiled during this Q&A. One is that the Skype Linux client will be updated to the same standards as Windows and Macs. The second possibility is that Microsoft will kill the Linux client and urge users to access the web client instead, something that seems plausible as Microsoft recently enabled voice calls on Chrome OS and Linux, according to the report.

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