Amy Schumer says she’s a classic textbook introvert

Amy Schumer says she’s a classic textbook introvert

The comedian has finally embraced her real personality

Amy Schumer describes herself as a “textbook introvert” and has even declined to participate in social events that make her feel uncomfortable. This mostly includes loud parties as she used to hide in the corner and hoped no one would approach her.

Although quite outspoken on stage, the comedian says she feels happiest while enjoying some alone time.

Schumer revealed in an extract from her new book, ‘The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo’: “It might be surprising for you to learn that most of my days are spent alone, unless I am on set, which is crazy draining for an introvert.”

The excerpt also explains how embracing her introverted nature allows the star to perform better after much-needed rests.

“I think realizing that about myself and not fighting it, but instead just taking care of myself and letting myself recharge and having time on my own and also planning for that has made me better and able to do more.

I can be there and super present and giving and then if it’s, ‘So, now we’re going here.’ And I’m like, immediately, ‘I KNOW I can’t do that.’ It’s not because I’m famous, it’s because I have to be alone and be quiet. It’s cool when you realize you can say no.”

The 35-year-old comedian urges people not to judge her by the persona she puts on display, adding: “I want to remind you to stop judging a loud, often tactless, volatile blond book by its cover. Believe it or not, I do have a complex inner life just like you, and I enjoy being alone. So if you’re an introvert, don’t be afraid to excuse yourself.”

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