Apple makes huge move toward Artificial Intelligence

Apple makes huge move toward Artificial Intelligence

Apple just bought Turi for $200 million -- showing an urgent push into the AI realm.

Apple just plunked down $200 million on a startup — and the decision provides an interesting glimpse on just what the tech giant is thinking about when it comes to the future of the company. Artificial intelligence is clearly a focus of companies like Apple, which bought the Seattle machine learning startup Turi, according to a Record report.

Previously, Turi had been known as both GraphLab and Dato, and it grew out of an open-source project that Pandora used to power recommendations, according to Recode.

Apple as tight-lipped about the acquisition, saying only that it buys companies from time to time and doesn’t discuss their purpose or plans witha nyone else.

The purchases comes at a time when other big rivals like Facebook, Amazong, Google and Microsoft are all making their own bids in the AI realm. Apple has been pushing its own Siri personal assistant, but the technology hasn’t exactly set the world on fire.

“Built for developers and data people, our platform enables rapid development, simple deployment, and robust management of real-time services and applications that use machine learning,” the Turi website states. “The Turi Platform supports several scenarios to deploy your machine learning models in production. Start with GraphLab Create. Then add Turi Predictive Services for real-time predictions and Turi Distributed for faster processing on multiple servers.”

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