Astonishing discovery near Zeus’ altar in Greece

Astonishing discovery near Zeus’ altar in Greece

A new discovery sheds light paints a very disturbing picture of what happened on Zeus' mountain long ago.

Archaeologists have made quite the discovery at the top of a Greek mountain that is fabled in the ancient legends of gods and goddesses. Excavations atop Mount Lykaion, the legendary birthplace of the god Zeus, has found a 3,000 year old skeleton of a teenager buried amidst sacrificed animals — a strange discovery that has the science world abuzz.

The skeleton was found in a 100-foot ash altar next to a stone platform. While it’s not clear what caused the boy to die, the fact that it was found on Mount Lykaion indicates that his death may have been connected with a Greek cult that may have been sacrificing people to Zeus, something that is very rarely associated with Greek culture and has only seldom been found by archaeologists anywhere in the Greek world. This would be the first finding on mainland Greece of such a sacrifice.

But scientists are certain that this is not an ordinary place to burn an individual. There is no cemetery here on this remote mountain, and it is in the immediate vicinity of many animal sacrifices. The boy was also missing the upper part of its skull, a curious detail.

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