Charlize Theron helps raise HIV awareness

Charlize Theron helps raise HIV awareness

The actress says people have become too complacent

Charlize Theron says the general public has become more complacent when it comes to HIV. She urges everyone to place greater focus on helping prevent the virus and raising awareness as a result.

The Mad Max actress founded The Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project in 2007 and believes the virus is fully preventable with the right mindset and proper education.

The star also encourages people to keep pushing for additional funding, which is key to finding a cure.

Speaking in a video through Instagram, Theron stated: “I go back to South Africa. I speak to young children who are infected and I speak to young children who I know are not going to make it. And I just think to myself this is a virus, it’s 100 per cent preventable, why is this happening?

We have become complacent in how far we have come in the fight against HIV and AIDs . And what we have forgotten is that we are not close to being done.”

The 41-year-old actress also hopes that young people in particular show more interest in this movement, as they are more likely to become infected by HIV/AIDS.

She added: “Young people should care about this because young people are the ones who are being hit the hardest. HIV and Aids is the number one killer of adolescent kids in Africa. It’s the number two killer of adolescent kids between the ages of 10 and 19 globally. Our youth should not be dying at those kind of numbers at that rate.”

The clip was also accompanied with the caption: “It was such an honor participating in WeDay California this year! Tune into @ABCNetwork Aug 28 at 7pm / 6pm CT to watch the show.”

The video is available below:

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