Farrah Abraham bought her own engagement ring

Farrah Abraham bought her own engagement ring

Abraham is still waiting for her boyfriend to propose

Farrah Abraham’s boyfriend, Simon Saran, blatantly told her she had to buy her own engagement ring.

The luxury item, a custom-made 14 carat diamond sparkler, has yet to be shown off as the on-off again boyfriend hasn’t proposed to Abraham. She also expects a full reimbursement from the beau, but isn’t too optimistic.

Abraham revealed through Teen Mom OG: “I bought an engagement ring and it’s at my house. He [Simon] said to get it and was excited about it … I thought he was going to propose and nothing has ever happened. I have this ring … and Simon still hasn’t paid me back for it. I’m just really upset he did that.”

The reality TV star – who has a young daughter with former boyfriend Derek Underwood – further revealed: “I did pick one out. Then [he] said, ‘Oh. no. I didn’t want to pay you back for that one. I didn’t want to give that to you.’ I had it custom made. I still have it … it’s gorgeous.”

The 25-year-old says it’s very upsetting to have the ring and be forced to hide it until he decides to kneel and propose.

“I pretty much hid because I was like, ‘I don’t know what to do with this.’ And then he never pays me back for it or proposes and it’s like someone teasing me.”

Despite being generally happy in the relationship, Abraham admitted there are certain flaws emerging which are beginning to worry her. The brunette beauty is also upset because she is not getting what she wants or being fully acknowledged.

She stated: “I’m not getting what I want and it’s really annoying. So, we’ll see.”

The couple recently had an on-screen argument after she interrupted Saran as he spoke.

He said: “You’re interrupting me when I was trying to talk to you.”

This led Abraham to reply: “If you’re worried about interrupting, then maybe you’re not the right person to talk to me then.”

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