James Corden pays tribute to Gene Wilder

James Corden pays tribute to Gene Wilder

Corden remembers the good times they shared together

James Corden took a moment to remember Gene Wilder, who passed away on August 29 from Alzheimer’s disease complications. He was 83 years old.

The Late Late Show host had met the iconic Willy Wonka actor at his home in Connecticut while performing on Broadway.

Corden said: “He was never less than brilliant at all times. If anyone else came backstage they’d stay for five, six, 10 minutes tops. He sat in my room for half an hour and we sat on this couch and I’ll never forget it as long as I live.”

He recalled the selfless interactions the two shared after Wilder took great interest in the host’s well-being and that of his family.

He continued: “And all he really wanted to talk about was how my wife and son were adjusting in New York and were we happy and was it fun. It was amazing and we exchanged emails.”

Wilder had once turned down a request to appear on The Late Late Show, but did it in a rather “poetic” fashion.

Corden shared: “I sent him an email, asking if he’d come and do a bit and he sent me an email back where he, in the history of people saying no to things, it couldn’t have been nicer.

The email read, ‘Dearest James, I don’t do or go where you were hoping, but I’ll be looking for you. With my love, Gene.’”

The host then added: “Even the way he said no was so poetic, even his emails sounded somehow like Willy Wonka.

Corden finished his tribute by thanking the legendary star, adding: “Thank you so much for everything you gave us, Gene Wilder, you are loved and you are going to be so dearly, dearly missed.”

The full video is available below:

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