Katy Perry sees a therapist to stay healthy

Katy Perry sees a therapist to stay healthy

The star says the spotlight would otherwise consume her

Katy Perry admitted she sees a therapist as a means of “staying normal.”

The Dark Horse hitmaker admitted it’s rather easy to feel overwhelmed in the spotlight, leading the artist to keep her mental health in check by speaking to a therapist on a regular basis.

She explained on Elvis Duran’s radio show: “I go to therapy, I don’t get excessive on the substance, I’ve kind of learned that dance… it’s difficult in this industry.

You’re holding on for dear life and you feel like you’re riding a rocket, and now I’m kind of not holding on for dear life. I’ve learned how to ride it, and I’m surfing and feeling good! I drive myself everywhere, I’m pretty normal.”

Meanwhile, the 31-year-old artist is once again working on new music following an extended break, but admits she is having difficulties composing “sexy” songs.

She revealed: “You know it’s funny, I think I have a really hard time writing super sexy songs. The other day I was like, ‘I’m going to write a song about sex!’ I did it, and I think it’s really great, because I still have sex and I like to write about all my life experiences! But I think I was put on this earth to life people up and elevate people and do that through my messages, quite frankly.”

Perry also admits it’s much easier to write only about things she has personally experienced, otherwise she has to provide her “perspective” on the matter.

She continued: “For me, it takes a bit of time to [to write] because I have to have those experiences and then write about them. Or I have to digest whatever I’m seeing or perceiving and recycle it and kind of give my perspective on it.

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