Lance Bass and Michael Turchin want to start a family

Lance Bass and Michael Turchin want to start a family

The former '*Nsync' member wants to raise a child sooner rather than later

Lance Bass revealed that he hopes to start a family with husband Michael Turchin soon. The two married in a televised ceremony in 2014.

He told Entertainment Tonight: “We plan on doing the baby thing ourselves sometime soon.”

Bass and the rest of his former *NSync mates recently reunited in celebration of JC’s 40th birthday. The singer admitted they can be very juvenile when hanging out together.

“We basically revert to being 16 again. We’re boys for sure. The jokes are pretty juvenile.”

The 37-year-old star and Turchin had recently attended a benefit for the onePulse Foundation in Los Angeles, as the two wanted to show their support for the victims of the Pulse nightclub shootings.

Speaking about the incident that took the lives of 49 people in June, he said: “It’s great that I can lend my voice to something like this. Living in Orlando for several years I feel very a part of that community. It’s where I came out as gay myself. It’s just very special to me to be able to give back in any way.

During tragedies like this, entertainment does come together and put out the word. Really helps raise a lot of money for tragedies like this.”

He also took a moment to address the crowd, adding: “Let us choose hope tonight and every night. Pulse was a place where you could dance freely and safely without the fear of being judged.”

When not busy tending to more serious matters, the former boy band member is busy making regular television appearances. He had recently participated in a celebrity-based episode of Family Feud, as well as The Real Husbands of Hollywood in 2014.

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