Natalie Portman encourages women to stick together

Natalie Portman encourages women to stick together

The actress insists female friendships are crucial in the film industry

Actress Natalie Portman says that women in Hollywood should stick together and cultivate long-term friendships.

The Thor actress believes it is crucial for women to look after one another, particularly when cast together in any given film, as this doesn’t happen frequently in the industry.

She explained to The Insider with Yahoo: “It’s so important, and we’re prevented from it a lot because we don’t get to work with each other a lot. I’ve actually been noticing it a lot even in kids’ films recently, how you see even like a cartoon and there’s like a girl in it, and we’re used to that.

It’s a film of all men and then there’s a woman. And acting for 20 years, I’m used to that – that I’m the woman on set. When we do get the opportunity to work with other women, we always end up just like running toward each other and embracing because it’s such great energy to have.”

The actress had previously acknowledged the many female actresses she worked with in the movie Annihilation. She was particularly proud of co-stars Gina Rodriguez and Jennifer Jason Leigh for their undisputed talent.

She shared: “I’m working with a group of actresses right now who are so kind and talented and funny. We did a scene last night, all night, in which every take was different, and each one real, and we laughed and froze our asses off and played.

Portman also describes the atmosphere as being more energetic when she’s around other women, adding: It was rare energy on a film because there were so many women together. Usually it’s all men and each of us is the only woman.”

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