Stunning iPhone 7 details leaked

Stunning iPhone 7 details leaked

Big changes may be coming to the iPhone 7, including a new headphone jack and redesign home button.

Brand new images have emerged that supposedly show the Apple’s latest edition of the iPhone in three different colors, as well as other fascinating details about the widely anticipated new smartphone. The iPhone 7 is, of course, Apple’s most anticipated new release, and new details are starting to leak on just what we can expect to be different with this iteration.

The images show the iPhone in colors of space black, pink and bronze. And that’s not all: the pictures of the larger 5.5-inch models show them both with and without a magnetic Smart Connector, according to media reports.

The pictures seem to indicate that Apple may release three versions simultaneously: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 7s. Apple is expected to do its big reveal in September, with some rumors indicating it will happen Sept. 7. The smartphones will be available probably weeks after the unveil.

Various media reports have been leaking interesting details about the iPhone 7 for a while now. One report indicates that Apple may replace the traditional home button on the iPhone with a pressure sensitive variant. Also, the Plus model may have dual cameras that will allow for more detailed photos, and the iPhone 7 may have two speakers, making it the very first stereo version of the iPhone.

There may be big changes coming to the iPhone 7’s headphone jack. Reports indicate that the smartphone will come without a traditional 3.5mm jack, meaning Apple will release a new generation of Lightning Earpods as the default headphones for the iPhone.

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