Tom Odell opens up about rough start in the music industry

Tom Odell opens up about rough start in the music industry

The singer reflects on rejection, hard work, and poor outfit choices

Tom Odell regrets once being a hard-working teenager and says he should have saved his energy for later.

The 25-year-old singer appreciates the ambition he had, which ultimately got him to where he is now. However, he is sorry about not taking the time to fully enjoy recording his first songs.

He told Grazia magazine: “When I was 18, I was driven and obsessed with the idea of making an album, almost to the point that I didn’t enjoy it. I’d go back and tell myself to revel in that time.

Then again, if i’d done that I probably wouldn’t be sat here today, because it takes a lot of ambition to get a record deal and make an album.”

The Another Love hitmaker vividly remembers some harsh rejections in the past.

When asked whether anyone should apologize, he stated: “When I was 18, I gave my demo CD to a promoter. He walked down the street and put it in the bin in front of me.”

The singer also revealed his alternative career of choice had he never become a musician.

“My biggest extravagance is flowers. My grandma was very into them and I think it rubbed off on me. If I wasn’t a musician I’d be a florist.”

His troubled beginnings make him regret his choice of outfits, adding: “I definitely wore some suspicious outfits around the time of my first album Perhaps it would be nice if the pictures of that were quietly swept under the carpet.”

The artist’s second studio album, Wrong Crowd, was released in June 2016.

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