Metrolink train smashes into truck near Los Angeles, injuring 21

Metrolink train smashes into truck near Los Angeles, injuring 21

The train had been trying to cross the tracks when it got stuck.

A Metrolink train on its way into downtown Los Angeles has crashed into a tractor trailer in Sun Valley as it was crossing the tracks, injuring 21 people and just barely avoiding a much worse disaster.

The collision happened in the 8200 block of San Fernando Road at around 10:39 a.m., according to a LA Daily News report.

Fortunately, all of the injuries were minor, with most passengers complaining about various localized pain on their bodies. They were all taken to area hospitals and are currently in good condition. The driver of the truck was also not injured.

A total of 187 passengers were on board at the time of the crash. Authorities thinkt hat the crossing arms were coming down as the truck was trying to get over the tracks, and couldn’t get through in time before it was hit by the train.

The tractor trailer was making a right turn onto San Fernando when the train, which was traveling southbound, clipped the tractor trailer. The tractor trailer had light damage to its rear. The train was traveling between 15 and 20 miles per hour.

The crossing arm was snapped off, and then flew in the air and struck the windshield of another vehicle, according to the report.

Authorities are investigating the situation to determine who was at fault. They believe that the situation could have been much worse in different circumstances — if the train had struck the truck more directly, for example.

In February 2015, more than two dozen people were injured and an engineer died after a Metrolink struck a produce truck that was sitting on the tracks.

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