Natalie Portman says playing Jackie Kennedy was a daunting task

Natalie Portman says playing Jackie Kennedy was a daunting task

The actress felt she had big shoes to fill…

Natalie Portman recently acknowledged the potential issues with playing Jacqueline Kennedy in the new biopic, Jackie. While rewarding, the actress also describes the role as “daunting.”

The Black Swan star was excited to portray the former first lady – who was married to President John F. Kennedy – but was worried about not providing a perfect representation.

She told Entertainment Weekly: “She’s so well-known in terms of what she looks like and what she sounds like and how she moves, so to get that is definitely daunting.”

The film looks into Jackie’s life as she tries to move forward following her husband’s assassination by the hands of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Portman’s performance earned her positive reviews when screened at the Venice Film Festival. The star has praised director Pablo Larrain for accommodating her as well as he did.

The actress, who showed up at the Toronto International Film Festival last week, stated: “(The set) was really playful and improvisatory, and I think it allows us to see many different sides of her.”

She also praised the way Jackie presented herself in the midst of tragedy as she fought to stay positive for her country and her family.

“(We see) the toughness of who she was, dealing with what she had to go through while keeping herself together for the sake of the country and her family, and also the vulnerability and the intelligence of how she really crafted (JFK’s) legacy.”

Portman has also been busy with family life, as she is expecting her second child with husband Benjamin Millepied.

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