This one simple thing could save you thousands of dollars at the doctor’s office

This one simple thing could save you thousands of dollars at the doctor’s office

Health care in America is expensive, but there is something you can do about those astronomical bills -- you just may not like the answer.

Going to the doctor is expensive in America. And if you’re like most people, you spend hundreds and most likely thousands of dollars each year, even when you have good insurance. However, a new study has found a way to cut back on those bills big time: exercise.

That’s right, simply engaging in moderate to vigorous exercise on a regular basis could saveĀ heart disease patientsĀ more than $2,500 every single year, according to a statement from the American Heart Association. The study found that routine workouts. And the benefits apply to not only those with heart disease, but even relatively healthy individuals — the same results held no matter what the fitness level was of the patient.

The AHA gives you two options to reach this threshold: you can do moderate intensity workouts for 30 mintues per day, five days per week. That generally means fast walking or something of similar intensity. Or, you can spend only 25 minutes per day three days per week doing vigorous physical activity, such as swimming or running.

The sad truth is that so few people actually achieve this level of exercise. The AHA estimates that just a third of patients are reaching these thresholds. The good news is the study shows that it’s possible to not only improve your health with moderate exercise, but also improve your bank account balance.


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