Train derails in New Jersey, injuring 100

Train derails in New Jersey, injuring 100

Multiple people may be dead after a train smashed through a wall in the train station.

More than 100 people have been sent to the hospital after a commuter train crashed into a rail station Thursday, according to reports. Some reports have indicated that three people have died in the crash, and many were injured critically after the crash in Hoboken.

A New Jersey Transit rail car can be seen in photos smashed up inside the station. The crash happened at around 8:30 a.m. Reports quoted people as saying that they realized the train was moving much too fast as it approached the station, and didn’t slow down.

The train slammed into the train station itself and came through a wall. It hit a bumper block at the end of the track and then jumped onto the concourse.

“I heard a bomb-like explosion… then the train was right in front of me,” USA Today quoted NJ Transit employee Mike Larson as saying. “It was chaotic. It was pretty horrifying.”

Added another person, Chris Mann:

“By the time I turned around and registered the train was coming, it had already completely crossed to the pedestrian walkway,” Mann said. “It all seemed to be very fast.”

All service to the Hoboken station was suspended as emergency responders dealt with the situation.

About 15,000 travel on trains every day at that station, according to reports.

Nancy Solomon of New Jersey Public Radio gave her account, as quoted by USA Today:

“I got off my train on the way into work, and as I was walking through the station we could see that a train had come through the place where it’s supposed to stop, all the way into the station — not into the waiting room but into the outdoor part where people transfer,” she said.

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