Crazy crowds in Alaska as marijuana shop opens

Crazy crowds in Alaska as marijuana shop opens

Alaksa's first ever marijuana shop just opened, and there was some crazy happenings there for the first day.

It’s the start of legal marijuana sales in Alaska, and boy, was it quite a wild experience in Anchorage. The first marijuana store opened for business Oct. 29, and massive lines of people from all around the state immediately formed at Herbal Outfitters in Valdez.

More than 250 people were in line to get in the shop, according to a Washington Post report, with some customers coming all the way from Anchorage and Fairbanks to get a taste of the green stuff. That’s 350 miles in the latter case.

It is the first time it’s been legal to buy pot since November 2014, when people 21 and over were allowed to use pot on a recreational basis.

“You must be 21 years old to use marijuana products. It is illegal to give marijuana to minors,” Alaska law states. “The law bans all public use of any marijuana, not just smoking. This means it is illegal to use marijuana in schools, amusement venues, businesses, parks, playgrounds, sidewalks, or roads, just to name a few. And since marijuana is still illegal federally, you cannot use it on federal land — not in national parks and national forests.”

So where can you use marijuana?

“Private property is your best bet, though some property owners or homeowners associations may have policies that prohibit marijuana use,” the Alaska website states. “Check your local laws and with hotel owners and landlords prior to consuming marijuana. When using marijuana in your home, keep in mind that secondhand smoke, whether from tobacco or marijuana, can be dangerous. Make your home smoke-free to limit your loved ones’ exposure to secondhand smoke.”

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