Donald Trump has a crazy idea

Donald Trump has a crazy idea

The bombastic Republican presidential candidate has come up with an interesting cyber plan.

With just a few weeks left in the campaign, it’s time for candidates to make clear their positions on a number of issues rather than simply focus on the attack. And clearly even Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump feels the pressure to do that, proposing one bold plan at a recent campaign stop in Herndon, Va.: a “cyber review team” to boost federal IT.

Cybersecurity has become a big deal in the modern age, and one of the biggest concerns for both the U.S. government and industry. Donald Trump said that during his administration, he would have a review team that would constantly look into protecting federal agencies from hackers.

“There are ways of doing this through modern technology, but we are not using that, and, frankly, our technology is not up to date,” he said during the event.

Trump’s “cyber review team” would include both civilian and military experts who would be charged with conducting security audits on agencies and investigating attacks.

Cyber has been in the headlines a lot lately. A major breach at the Office of Personnel Management resulted in the personal information of a lot of government workers being exposed. A subsequent investigation found that bad leadership and ignorance of cybersecurity contributed to that breach.

Trump said the cyber team would begin by focusing on the most sensitive systems, although he didn’t clarify on what he meant by that.

Currently, there are three federal organizations that do the job that Trump’s cyber review team would apparently do: the Government Accountability Office, Office of Management and Budget and CIO Council.

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