Huge leak: Stunning details of top-secret Samsung ‘Chromebook Pro’

Huge leak: Stunning details of top-secret Samsung ‘Chromebook Pro’

Two retailers appear to have accidentally leaked key details about the brand new Chromebook from Samsung.

The Chromebook Pro has just been leaked to the public. And in this case, it was two retailers who apparently jumped the gun on manufacturer Samsung, making their landing pages public for several hours this week, according to news reports.

The Chromebook Pro will include a 12.3-inch 2400×1600 resolution touchscreen that is capable of fully rotating. It will also have 32 gigabytes of storage, 4 gigabytes of ram, a stylus and a metal body that is 12.9 mm thick. It also boasts 10 hours of battery life.

Retailers Adorama and B&H are guilty of the leak, according to ChromeUnboxed, which noted that they had posted landing pages for a few hours showing a $499 price tag for the ChromeBook, with a launch date of Oct. 24.

Samsung has been rumored to be unveiling a a new high-end Chromebook for weeks now, and this leak appears to confirm that.

Here is what Samsung currently says about the Chromebook:

Everything you need, nothing you don’t
Chromebook 3

The ultimate in mobility and lightning-fast browsing, Chromebook 3 lets you navigate your digital world with ease.

Built-in security
Have peace of mind while woking in the Cloud. Built-in security features ensure you’re protected from viruses and malware.

Spill-resistant keyboard
Built with durability in mind, Chromebook 3 can handle what you and your family dish out including the accident spill

Impressive battery life
Optimized for the on-the-go lifestyle, Chromebooks can provide up to 11 hours of battery life.

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