Is Donald Trump about to shock the world?

Is Donald Trump about to shock the world?

The Republican presidential candidate is the underdog, but don't count him out yet.

Donald Trump has slipped up recently — a bad debate performance and numerous controversial comments and damaging revelations about his tax history have his campaign reeling, and him slipping back in the polls to Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. But don’t count Trump out yet — he could still shock the world.

Back in 2015, no one believe that the bombastic billionaire and reality TV show star even had a chance at the Republican nomination, writing him off as a joke. And even after he won it, most people decided he had no change at beating Hillary Clinton in the general election. But with just a few weeks to go until Election Day on Nov. 8, Trump has twice pulled to a virtual dead heat with Clinton in the polls, and even though they are widening now, that could all change with two debates to go.

Trump appears to relish the role somewhat, casting himself as the underdog of the race. While he most likely would rather be up in the polls rather than losing, he’s making the most of it. He said at a recent rally that “America needs a comeback,” perhaps drawing a parallel to his own situation and that of the nation.

He’ll certainly need to mount a big comeback. After his disastrous debate performance, Clinton has surged in the polls. A Monmouth University poll released on Monday has Clinton with a 10 point lead over Trump in the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania. Nationwide, poll aggregation website 538 says that Clinton has surged to around a 4-point lead over Trump and is nearly 75 percent to win the election.

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