Is Donald Trump insane?

Is Donald Trump insane?

Many of his supporters affectionately call him the "madman" -- but has he really lost his mind?

Ask any opponent of his, and the answer is pretty uniform: yes, Donald Trump is crazy. Ask his supporters, and they’ll probably tell you the same thing — which is why they love him so much. But has The Donald actually lost his mind?

With the release of a controversial 2005 tape where he made lewd comments about women and poor debate performances, Trump’s campaign has been flounding and he has lost significant ground in the polls with less than a month to go until Election Day. When a multitude of Republicans started to defect and withdraw their support, Trump became even more unhinged, declaring on Twitter that the “shackles” were finally off and he could act with the freedom he’d always wanted to have in this campaign.

Trump’s outbursts and off the wall comments have been a staple of this wild election cycle, so it’s not surprising to hear people question his sanity. In fact, the only question seemed to be whether it was a good crazy or a bad crazy, with opponents obviously leaning toward the latter and supporters affectionately calling him “the madman.”

Not surprisingly, one news outlet — the Los Angeles Times — actually asked a psychiatry professor at Yale whether or not Trump is actually suffering from a mental disorder. And the professor had a great answer: he won’t answer it, because he hasn’t interviewed, diagnosed or treated Trump, and that to carelessly ascribe a mental illness to a presidential candidate in a pejorative fashion is to stigmative those who suffer with real mental disorders.

So Trump probably isn’t clinically insane. But he’s definitely crazy. Which kind of crazy depends on which way you look at it.

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