Shocking report: Day care center smacks children who want a snack

Shocking report: Day care center smacks children who want a snack

Day care center employees called it "smack for a snack" and described it as a game, according to the report.

Officials in Kentucky are investigation a day care center where staff members allegedly forced children to line up to be smacked with a ruled before they could have a yogurt, a game that was called “smack for a snack,” according to a Washington Post report. The Kentucky Office of Inspector General found that two male employees at New Creation Child Care in Lexington on Aug. 4 required children to get a “smack” on their hands or legs to get a snack.

One girl whow as quoted said she was hit once on the hand and on her leg in order to get a snack. Everyone had to line up to get hit, and some kids were crying, she said. And it wasn’t a light swat either: the investigation showed at least two of the children had bruising on their legs, according to the report.

In a statement, the Office of Inspector General said that New Creation Child Care has been “placed under intermediate sanctions which called for increased monitoring of the daycare.” Police cited one male employee on Aug. 9 for second degree assault.

“One (1) of the male staff confirmed he hit the children with a ruler and implied that it was just a game,” the report from the Office of Inspector General said. “The Detective asked him how many kids were hit and he replied, ‘Definitely twenty plus kids. But, not everybody got hit.’ The other male staff person involved told the Detective that his strikes were only on the palms of the children’s hands while the other male staff struck the children on their calves. He told the Detective that the other male staff came up with game ‘smack for a snack.'”

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