Vegan mom forced child to live off fruits and nuts: report

Vegan mom forced child to live off fruits and nuts: report

The mother was forcing her son to adhere to a strict vegan diet, a report claims.

A vegan mom has been charged with malnourishing her 11-month-old son by refusing to feed him anything other than fruits and nuts. CBS Pittsburg reported that Elizabeth Hawk, 33, would only adhere to a strict vegan diet, and forced her views on nutrition on her family.

The problems started when her sister-in-law, Brandy Hawk, noticed that the boy had a severe rash and delayed motor skills, but her sister ignored the concerns and said it was due to allergies. Bought she didn’t buy it, nor did Elizabeth’s estranged husband Jerry, the boy’s father, so he took the child to Child Youth Services to be examined.

Specialists were horrified: they found that the child had been suffering from developmental delays and his fruit and nut diet was resutling in his body deteriorating. They also said that not dealing with the rash was “inhumane” and put him at risk of potentially deadly septic shock.

While Elizabeth is not behind bars, she doesn’t have access to the child, who is with his father and two siblings. Brandy Hawk says the child is already recovering, according to the report.

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