What crazy stuff does Donald Trump have planned?

What crazy stuff does Donald Trump have planned?

With just a few weeks left before Election Day, Trump could have a few tricks up his sleeve.

Donald Trump hasn’t had a great week, but with just a few weeks left to go before Election Day, the Republican presidential candidate may have yet more crazy things in store for America.

Trump is facing one of his toughest stretches on the campaign trail after a bad debate performance and numerous gaffes including calling his former Miss Universe “Miss Piggy” after being baited by his opponent, Hillary Clinton, allowing the Democratic nominee to gain in the polls. A new report from the New York Times that he avoided paying taxes for at least 18 years added even more fuel to the fire.

Trump isn’t backing down from his brash style, delivering fierce speeches attempting to take back the narrative. Now, he’s playing the role of the underdog, and America will see whether he will change his approach — or perhaps go even harder — at the next presidential debate this Sunday.

Trump told a crowd recently that he was working “for you now, I’m not working for Trump,” again referring to himself in the third person as he often does. He defended his move to avoid taxes, saying that made him smart. And he refused to back down on the Miss Universe controversy.

In discussing his loss of $916 million in 1995, something which might make him look like as less of a success than he claims to be, he admitted that his financial troubles in the 1990s were “ugly,” but added that he kept fighting and compared his struggle to that of working class voters.

“The thing that motivates me the most is when people tell me something is absolutely impossible,” Trump said. “For me, impossible is just a starting point.”

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