Donald Trump may soon face a massive lawsuit

Donald Trump may soon face a massive lawsuit

Trump is known for his quick trigger when it comes to lawsuits, but his election to the presidency may open himself up big time.

President-elect Donald Trump is known to use the courts to do battle with his opponents, but the tables could get turned against him during his presidency by competitors to his business, according to a report.

Politico is reporting that competitors to the Trump-branded hotels in the United States, or even some of his international properties, could claim that as foreign nations try to score points with Trump by staying in his hotels, that they are being hurt by this unfair advantage. This legal approach is known as “competitor standing,” and it has been used by anti-immigration groups to help plaintiffs block immigration and labor policies that supposedly hurt American workers — meaning a legal doctrine used by Trump’s allies could be used to attack Trump himself.

“It has kinds of mixed results,” Politico quoted institute attorney John Miano as saying. “It normally works more than it doesn’t work, but then the courts sometimes make up reasons on the fly …You don’t know what they’re going to make up to deny standing.”

Since Trump doesn’t appear to have any intent on completely divesting himself from his businesses, and since it is obvious that foreign diplomats seeking to curry favor with the president will stay in his hotels instead of other alternatives, Trump may be opening himself to one epic lawsuit during his time as president.

The hypothetical lawsuit would invoke the “foreign emolument” clause of the Constitution, which bans U.S. officials from getting benefits from foreign governments without congressional permission.

It wouldn’t be an easy legal battle to win, but it’s more than possible, and this is certainly a unique situation. And even if the lawsuit were ultimately unsuccessful, it could certainly create a big stain on a Trump presidency, and could drag out for a long time providing a major distraction to him while he’s trying to run the country.

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    • Jeanene says

      Your just bitter. I guess you would rather let Clinton finish what Obama started in destroying this country. I don’t get you guys. He just want what is good for America. He can’t be bought like Clinton, and the rest are on the backs of all of us.

  1. says

    This is only the beginning! Trump is going to do what ever was unethical to ower forefathers… To create a one world order. “See that’s what ,anti -Christ is suppose to do! What we think is wrong , Trump is going to device everyone. By changing the “Constitution, Then all his followers will be as he is , and the prophesy will Begin. Repent,Repent ,for the kingdom of God is at Hand!

  2. Kennedy says

    This freaking world can only begin her journey of healing process when losers realise they are gruesome losers! The fight has been fought, invective used freely but result says the winner is Donald Trump. How many times should this be drummed into deafening ears that Donald is the President-elect of The United States? If this election is held a second time, Donald will still beat Hillary even with a wider margin! Try and see.
    So people, accept the destiny of the present -it’s for real and stop fighting lost battle. Donald is President and will be sworn-in. He will serve his complete tenure (s), strengthen the weak values that had eaten deep into the fabrics of American society.

  3. Angela Johnson says

    He is evil and very stupid and selfish so call president. With what respect.? He should realised his tax returns. A theft and a manipulator

  4. S. Brad says

    Enough, I didn’t support him or Clinon. I have to live with the results as does everyone.
    Suck it up and let’s move on to find a replacement in 4 years.

  5. elizabeth says

    Hilary was so wrong alot of intelligent people voted for King( oops!meant president elect Trump). I believe Mr. Trump said ,”rules don’t apply to the presient”. I guess our constituton is just a piece of insignificant piece of paper. God help us all.

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