Olly Murs feels lonely while single

Olly Murs feels lonely while single

The singer admits it’s tough not having a girlfriend this Christmas

Olly Murs confessed he is feeling isolated and slightly self-conscious over the fact that he is single while his friends are all in relationships. This has led some to nickname him “Billy no mates” when they hang out together.

The star also explained to feel lonelier now during the festive season, explaining to the Daily Star newspaper: “I have done something Christmassy every day in December for the build-up but I can’t wait to go out with my mates.

The problem is they all have girlfriends so they aren’t allowed out any more unless they get a special visa.

I’m single so I’m a little bit lost, I’ve been Billy No Mates. But now they’re free, watch out.”

And Olly hopes to make better and healthier decisions this time around, considering he was dealing with an intense hangover last Christmas.

“My worst ever hangover was on Christmas Day last year. My dad had this whiskey called Knob Creek, it’s a really strange drink but really tasty.

On Christmas Eve he was filling up my glass quite a bit, then at 6 o’clock I woke up with this banging headache and it didn’t shift.

So Christmas Day wasn’t much fun but it was the first time my dad and I had a proper drink together. It was a real manly drink. So as a result it was a really special hangover,” he explained.

Meanwhile, his latest album explores some of his past relationships and he admitted to have gotten emotional while recording.

He explained: “A lot of the songs were about a break up so it was tough at times.

But it’s not just about my girlfriend. I wasn’t perfect in this relationship, so I took a look at myself and wrote about me and my life from a different perspective.”

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