Tony Bennett praises Lady Gaga’s natural talents

Tony Bennett praises Lady Gaga’s natural talents

Bennett: She has the gift, she can do the whole thing

Tony Bennett has praised Lady Gaga by acknowledging her unique and gifted talents.

He shared with Culture magazine: “Gaga is different from anybody else I have met recently. She has the gift, she can do the whole thing – she can perform, she composes and plays piano, she had good personal training at NYU and Juilliard. Education makes a difference.”

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga – who has become good friends with the 90-year-old icon – previously confessed she wasn’t in love with music anymore but he successfully restored her passion.

She explained: “He restored my passion, my life changed so much putting out those records. It was so hard to get a grasp on all of it. Yeah I took some time away from pop music but acting and singing jazz that stuff was like being a teenager again.”

And tony has proven to be much more than she bargained for, as he advised her to give up smoking and she gracefully took his advice.

“I know it’s terrible. I have been yelled at by Elton, Stevie Wonder, Tony Bennett, the list could go on of amazing, great people who are like, ‘You need to stop smoking.’ But I don’t smoke cigarettes. I smoke clove cigars.”

The Poker Face hitmaker split from Taylor Kinney earlier this year and later discovered Tony is amazing at providing relationship advice, too. Now she regularly turns to him whenever in doubt.

She added: “Because sometimes you don’t wanna call your mom and air out everything because then she’s nervous. Then you call your father, and he gets upset, and he wants to beat the guy up. So I say: ‘Who do I call when I’m in heartbreak?’ I call Tony. I really do. I really do. I call Tony.”

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