Amber Rose refuses to date bisexual men

Amber Rose refuses to date bisexual men

Rose: It would bother me in a way

Amber Rose – who is currently dating Val Chmerkovskiy – is romantically attracted to both men and women. Despite her preferences, she doesn’t feel comfortable dating a bisexual man as it would prompt her to “think about it” too much.

She revealed on her Loveline podcast: “I think it’s amazing when a guy is bisexual and he’s comfortable with it. But in my personal life, in my sex life, in who I choose to love, I just think that I would think about it too much. It would bother me in a way. I wouldn’t be comfortable with it and I don’t know why.

Maybe I’m not secure enough to be with a man that likes other men because I would feel like when he’s out with his boys, it’s just more of a moment, I don’t know.

I don’t know if it’s me feeling threatened, I don’t know. It’s not that I’m not okay with it outside of my personal life but when it comes to me and who I lay down with, I’m just not comfortable with it.”

And the 33-year-old host had previously admitted to be “extremely open,” adding: “I’m extremely open with my sexuality. I can be in love with a woman. I can be in love with a man … I definitely find beauty in everybody whether they’re heavy-set, super skinny, if they’re white, black, Indian, Asian, Spanish.”

Meanwhile, Amber – who was previously linked to Kanye West – is really falling for Val after just four months together.

She added: “It’s so good. It’s been four months and I love his family and everyone is great. Right now, it’s just absolutely amazing and I’m super, super happy.”

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