Courteney Cox to spend more time in London

Courteney Cox to spend more time in London

Courteney compromises as she tries to save her relationship with Johnny McDaid

It’s been reported that Courteney Cox will spend much more time in London with her partner Johnny McDaid.

The former Friends star currently lives in California with her 12-year-old daughter, whom she shares with ex-husband David Arquette. Now she wants to travel at least two weeks overseas each month in order to build a stronger relationship with the Snow Patrol singer.

A source revealed how their relationship has been on the rocks due to the distance and not seeing each other enough, adding: “Courteney says she can’t stand being apart from Johnny so much and the long distance has been causing some tense rows.

While she can’t move to the UK permanently because of Coco, she’s vowed to compromise and spend much more time here. She’s currently taking a work break and he’s so busy with the studio, which makes it almost impossible for him to leave.”

It was Jennifer Aniston who suggested that Courteney – who got engaged to the artist in 2014 – to take more action after she, too, had experienced the hardships of a long-distance relationship with Justin Theroux.

The insider shared with Closer magazine: “Courteny’s friend Jennifer was the one who persuaded her to make more of an effort to be in the UK as she knows first-hand how hard it is, given her husband spends so much time away from their LA home filming in New York.”

Now the actress is determined to show how much she is willing to save what they have. The source continued: “Jennifer urged Courteney to make more of an effort to save them from another split and she’s realized it’s time to show Johnny just how much she wants this to work.”

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