Emma Stone gives dating advice to fellow actors

Emma Stone gives dating advice to fellow actors

Emma: It’s all about prioritizing…

Emma Stone – who is very close to Andrew Garfield even after their split – insists that having a successful film career and raising a family is all about finding balance.

She told the Sun on Sunday newspaper: “I don’t think it’s mutually exclusive, career or love. Meryl Streep seems very in love with her husband.

That’s a very great family and she’s the best there is. So people can find a way to do both, it’s just about prioritising.”

And although the actress doesn’t believe in the notion of “happily ever after,” she says a person can still find happiness in other ways.

She shared: “There is no happily ever after, there isn’t always the kiss at the end and it’s not always perfect. That’s heartbreaking, but the most heartbreaking things in life are the truest.

I do love a bittersweet story and I don’t find it sad, necessarily. I find it bittersweet, it’s realistic in a way that it doesn’t all come true, for anyone, ever.

It’s not exactly how you pictured it like, ‘Oh my God. My life’s so perfect.’ That’s why it makes me so crazy to look at social media, when you see people like, ‘It’s just the best life ever.

I couldn’t be happier.’ You’re like, ‘Shut up, that is not true.’ Not everything comes together in the best way ever every day. Happily ever after … that’s not the reality of life, but you can be happy in a different way than maybe you originally hoped or expected. I love that.”

Meanwhile, Emma has admitted she can be very harsh on herself at times, particularly when it comes to her film career: “Stop talking about the [Oscar] buzz!

Depending on what emotional state I’m in sometimes I’m like, ‘All right kid, you did the best job you could’, then at other times I’m like, ‘You are literally the worst actor that ever lived.”

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