Hilary Duff: I’ve never been a good dater

Hilary Duff: I’ve never been a good dater

The star discusses her struggles with relationships

Hilary Duff – who was married to Mike Comrie for six years – says she’s bad at dating because she’s rarely attracted to anyone.

And the actress, who subsequently dated Rise Nation founder Jason Walsh, insists she wants to find something new and substantial even though she rarely feels any spark.

Hilary, whom had also relied on Tinder without success, told Cosmopolitan magazine: “I’ve never been a good dater. I meet, like, one person a year that I’m maybe attracted to. I never want to be that girl who’s desperate to find a mate.”

Despite her lack of romance, the star is in no rush to settle down as she’s been busy parenting Luca with Mike, whom she credits as a great father and friend.

She shared: “Mike’s amazing. We’re so ingrained in each other’s lives. I wouldn’t choose anyone else to co-parent with. We are really good friends and care a lot about each other.”

And Hilary had previously come to the conclusion that her failed marriage was simply due to immaturity, adding: “I was 22 when I got married. I’m now divorced, I have a four-year-old – I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. I had so much, so young and a full time job. I felt really ready to get married. However, I don’t think we were mature enough to stick it out.”

Meanwhile, the Flock of Dudes actress is excited about turning 30 later this year as she believes the milestone makes women feel more confident.

She explained: “I think I’m a pretty confident person. I’ve had a career for a long time, but I’ve put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself as a woman, a businessperson, an actress. I’m like, ‘Am I doing enough?’ Everyone I’ve talked to says you come into your own in your 30s. You feel more secure. I’m looking forward to that.”

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