Huge uproar after little girl dies from routine tonsillectomy

Huge uproar after little girl dies from routine tonsillectomy

The 9-year-old girl in Detroit shockingly died after being discharged from a routine tonsillectomy surgery.

The mother of a 9-year-old girl in Detroit who shockingly died during a routine tonsillectomy surgery says she’s going to sue the hospital. Sonia Gambrell reportedly plans to sue Detroit Medical Center, the parent hospital of the Children’s Hospital of Michigan, where her daughter Anyialah Greer passsed away after surgery on Dec. 8.

Autopsy results haven’t been finalized yet, but medical reports indicate that a few factors may have placed Greer at risk, including an obstructed airway, a heart condition that went undetected, or perhaps anesthesia complications, according to media reports.

Gambrell believes that the doctor who performed the surgery shouldn’t have discharged her daughter because she wasn’t in a condition to come home yet.

“Under federal law, you can’t discharge people unless they’re in stable condition. I don’t know how she could be considered stable when she died just hours after discharge,” James J. Harrington IV, a partner with Fieger Law of Southfield who specializes in medical malpractice, whom the family hired for representation, told the Detroit News. “What was the anesthesiologist doing? What happened in the OR? What did the nurses know? As far as I’m concerned, every single person who looked at this kid has to answer questions. I am furious about this.”

The procedure typically takes only 40 minutes and is almost never fatal. It involves removing the enlarged tonsils, which sometimes can restrict breathing in serious cases.

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